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Mars said:   GO COUGARS!    2012-3-12 23:1:27
Beat Iona!
Seamus O'Toole said:   San Diego St apples   2011-3-13 10:7:58
Well, so much for those #1 seed hopes. You better pray for a #2 seed. How do you like dem apples?
Mars said:   Blue and White apples   2011-3-11 23:41:17
New Mexico looked good when BYU lost starting center Brandon Davies the day before, and when Jimmer had Mono. Not so much in the MWC Tourny.

Jimmer Fredette scored 52 points in an 11-point win over the Lobos, cementing himself as the NCAA Men's Basketball PLAYER OF THE YEAR. And the crazy part, is he did it against hostile MWC referees, only shooting one free throw attempt. ONE! By far his lowest free throw total of the year.

Sorry about your March Madness hopes Lobos. Now let's GO COUGARS, beat #3 RPI SDSU for the 3rd time this season and win the Mountain West again for the last time!!
zcase said:   Re:Red or green apples?   2011-3-5 10:16:42
Oh yeah, and anyone who thinks Brandon Davies is worth 18 points obviously has no clue about the way basketball works. The guy averages 11 and 6, and has no idea how to stop Drew Gordon. With Davies, the Lobos win in Provo by 8-10. Woulda made a difference, but not a big enough difference for the cougars to win. Also, don't forget UNM has beaten BYU 4 straight, Davies was in the lineup in the previous 3. I'm tired of fans and the media whining that BYU got blown out because they didn't have Davies. That's garbage. BYU got blown out because they played New Mexico, a team that has their number. Period.
zcase said:   Red or green apples?   2011-3-2 23:10:17
BYU is 27-1 vs every team they've played this year, except for that one team from New Mexico. 0-2 vs those little cherry and silvers. How you like them apples. You prefer red or green?
Seamus O'Toole said:   Re:o'tool   2011-3-1 11:10:25
Oooh, boy, you beat us at your place. Come and play Notre Dame at our house and watch Jimmy Boeheim get ripped a new one like we did to Villanova last night. It was raining 3s baby. #1 seed, here we come.....
Pickle said:      2011-2-28 20:20:12
and ND did win, but the Prov game as a great defensive showing.
Pickle said:   o'tool   2011-2-28 20:7:47
Cuse out of your face? Need I remind you of the game ND and SU played? The Hall game was a fugging disaster no doubt, but with Syracuses inability to defend the 3, you should be concerned with their inability to win that game.
Seamus O'Toole said:   Re:Notre Dame?   2011-2-28 13:1:12
Let me know when BYU beats Wisconsin, UConn, Gtown, Louisville, St Johns, Marquette, Cincinnati etc. If I recall in fact, they barely hung on to beat the Big East's second worst team, South Florida, in OT, lmao. If they had to play week in and week out in a conference like the BE, the Jimmer would be on his knees begging for mercy and his scoring average would be cut in half. When you play in the best conference in bball, you lose some games, that is the way it goes. No one comes out of the BE unscathed. That is the difference. Until then, yawn.

Mars said:   Notre Dame?   2011-2-28 12:15:37
Notre Dame- 5 losses (all by double digits) with #32 SOS (RPI of 11). 4 road wins this season. 7 wins away from home.

BYU- 2 losses with #12 SOS (RPI of 1). 10 road wins this season. 15 wins away from home.

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