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martymoose said:   Wichita St Back on the Rise!   2012-2-14 11:24:32
Looking to make a run in the 2012 NCAA tournament. Feel free to join the discussion with other Shocker fans at:
bbcoach61 said:   WSU takes down Texas Tech   2009-12-19 19:29:30
What a game! Shockers are for real and much improved over last year. Need to get that RPI up though. This should help a little. Go Shockers!!
gatorheart said:   well, so much hype for Wichita S.   2006-12-29 12:35:6
two straight losses brought you guys to the ground...
shockers said:   Good Effort vs Lobos   2006-12-23 10:31:45
With so many things went wrong... but we still nearly pull this one off.

Too bad, no more unbeaten team for us...
emiller123 said:   Paul Miller Wichita State   2006-2-28 17:6:9
Paul was selected as the player of the year today. That shocks (no pun intended). Given the strength of his play over several games, I thought there were much better players from other schools in the MVC.
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