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lfreda said:   Re:So much for that idea   2010-3-12 22:6:30
Exactly - everyone knows exactly what he is going to run offensively and they adjust...he doesn't. He has to go after this season. I don't even care if they make the tournament because you know damn well what will happen.
CountZero said:   So much for that idea   2010-3-6 19:7:41
Yet another brutal finish...this team is making a habit out of it.

Honestly, I don't think this team will ever win a NCAA tourney game as long as Baron is coach. He's a great practice coach and a great teacher, but he is terrible in game. He can't make adjustments.

This is why they always get out of the gate strong, and then fade. His teams are better prepared early in the season, but once there's a bunch of game tape to watch, good coaches just eat him for lunch.
rhodyram34 said:   still alive   2010-3-6 10:31:15
somehow, someway, we are still in it. And we are VERY alive. I thought this team was done after the loss to Temple, then after the loss to SLU, and then st bonaventure. But they seem to be on the right side of the bubble going into UMASS. this is a MUST WIN game. Then, we need to win one or two in the a 10 tourney. Today, on college gameday on ESPN, digger phelps said Rhody was a "win and there in" today. I feel good about this one.....LETS GOOOOOO RHODYYYYYY!!!!!!!
jracofsky said:   NIT?   2010-3-2 12:12:10
This team has no leadership on/off the court,and is playing with zero desire to win. Unfortunately, they're probably going to lose their next 2 regular season games as well as their 1st round A-10 tourny game. If this does come to pass, even an NIT bid will be hard to come by. No wonder Baron's son is considering VA! URI just can't win games against A-10 competition. If they didn't squeak out a win against Dayton, their best wins wouldve been over LaSalle and Dayton. If only we played 20 game seasons with no A-10 play.
CountZero said:   I'd say have to make semis   2010-2-24 12:7:35
They need to get to the semis of the A-10 tourney as well as winning out. I think if they lose before that, they're NIT bound. Temple and Richmond (because of the quality wins against Temple and URI) are locks -- that's about it.
GoRhody said:   win next 5 games and in   2010-2-18 17:59:5
If the Rams win their next 5 games, they're Dancing. Yes, that means I believe they need to win one in the A-10 Tourney in addition to running the table in the regulat season.
nicky7 said:   You think I'm a clown?   2010-2-18 13:22:4
You think I'm a clown? You think I'm here to amuse you? I don't know about you Henry, you might fold under questioning.
I'll tell you one thing though, there is no question about the fact that the Rams are all through. I would be more interested if Baron would bench the starters for the remainder of the year and show us a preview of next years nightmare.
riccio16 said:   nicky7 you're a clown   2010-2-17 4:29:38
nicky7 you're a clown. The A-10 has all the interest in the world at finding a way to get 5 teams into the tourney. St. Louis means absolutely nothing for the imediate future of the A-10. The Rams had the game won against temple until they choked, and the same with Richmond. You've gotta hold late game leads.
nicky7 said:   Rams are done for   2010-2-16 16:59:5
The A-10 has no interest in URI being a power. Look for all the calls to go St. Louis' way. There is as certain referee that has killed the Rams in two key losses, ie. Richmond and Temple.
Without that referee both games would have been won. Look for the same ref. to be in St Louis for Wed. game. You can't beat city hall.
rhodyram34 said:   RHODY scenarios   2010-2-15 14:1:50
Rhody has to win out to be a lock. If Rhody loses one they are on the bubble but are just out. If Rhody loses 2, they need to WIN the A 10 championship to get in. If Rhody loses 3, bye bye
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